Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

tag_touch_measure_data_t Struct Reference

Touch Measured data type.

#include <touch_api_at32uc3l.h>

Data Fields

touch_acq_status_t acq_status
uint8_t num_channel_references
uint8_t num_channel_signals
uint8_t num_rotor_slider_values
uint8_t num_sensor_states
uint8_t num_sensors
uint16_t * p_channel_references
uint16_t * p_channel_signals
uint8_t * p_rotor_slider_values
uint8_t * p_sensor_states

touch_acq_status_t tag_touch_measure_data_t::acq_status

Status of Touch measurement.

Referenced by main(), process_qtouchlib_data(), and touch_handler().

uint8_t tag_touch_measure_data_t::num_channel_references

Length of the measured reference values list.

uint8_t tag_touch_measure_data_t::num_channel_signals

Length of the measured signal values list.

uint8_t tag_touch_measure_data_t::num_rotor_slider_values

Length of the Rotor and Slider position values list.

uint8_t tag_touch_measure_data_t::num_sensor_states

Number of sensor state bytes.

uint8_t tag_touch_measure_data_t::num_sensors

Length of the sensors data list.

uint16_t * tag_touch_measure_data_t::p_channel_references

Pointer to reference values for each channel.

uint16_t * tag_touch_measure_data_t::p_channel_signals

Pointer to measured signal values for each channel.

uint8_t * tag_touch_measure_data_t::p_rotor_slider_values

Pointer to Rotor and Slider position values.

Referenced by main(), process_wheel(), and touch_handler().

uint8_t * tag_touch_measure_data_t::p_sensor_states

Pointer to Touch Status of each sensor.

Referenced by main(), process_buttons(), process_qtouchlib_data(), and touch_handler().

sensor_t * tag_touch_measure_data_t::p_sensors

Pointer to Sensor data.