Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

tag_touch_qm_param_t Struct Reference

QMatrix sensor configuration type.

#include <touch_api_at32uc3l.h>

Data Fields

aks_group_t aks_group
hysteresis_t detect_hysteresis
threshold_t detect_threshold
uint8_t position_hysteresis
resolution_t position_resolution

aks_group_t tag_touch_qm_param_t::aks_group

Sensor detection threshold.

hysteresis_t tag_touch_qm_param_t::detect_hysteresis

Sensor detection hysteresis.

threshold_t tag_touch_qm_param_t::detect_threshold

Sensor detection threshold.

uint8_t tag_touch_qm_param_t::position_hysteresis

Sensor position hysteresis. This is valid only for a Rotor or Slider.

Range of position_hysteresis value is from 0 to 7.

resolution_t tag_touch_qm_param_t::position_resolution

Sensor position resolution. This is valid only for a Rotor or Slider.