Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

tag_touch_qt_config_t Struct Reference

QTouch Group A/Group B configuration input.

#include <touch_api_at32uc3l.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t buffer_size
void(* filter_callback )(touch_filter_data_t *p_filter_data)
touch_global_param_t global_param
uint8_t num_channels
uint8_t num_rotors_and_sliders
uint8_t num_sensors
uint8_t * p_data_blk
touch_qt_pin_t pin
touch_qt_reg_t reg

uint16_t tag_touch_qt_config_t::buffer_size

size of data block buffer

void(* tag_touch_qt_config_t::filter_callback)(touch_filter_data_t *p_filter_data)

Filter Callback function for signal values.

touch_global_param_t tag_touch_qt_config_t::global_param

QTouch Grp A or Grp B global sensor configuration info.

uint8_t tag_touch_qt_config_t::num_channels

QTouch Grp A or Grp B number of channels.

uint8_t tag_touch_qt_config_t::num_rotors_and_sliders

QTouch Grp A or Grp B number of rotors and sliders.

uint8_t tag_touch_qt_config_t::num_sensors

QTouch Grp A or Grp B number of sensors.

uint8_t * tag_touch_qt_config_t::p_data_blk

Pointer to QTouch Grp A or Grp B data block buffer.

touch_qt_pin_t tag_touch_qt_config_t::pin

Pin configuration info.

touch_qt_reg_t tag_touch_qt_config_t::reg

QTouch Grp A or Grp B register configuration info.