Advanced Software Framework

Get Started

Release ASF-3.52.0

Below is the list of quick start guides and application notes in relation to ASF modules.

If you are new to ASF, you might want to read the following literature first and refer to the section "Where to start?" written below.

» Atmel AVR4029: Atmel Software Framework - Getting Started

» Atmel AVR4030: Atmel Software Framework - Reference Manual

Where to start?

As a starting point you may want to start out with the application projects, which can be easily loaded in Atmel Studio from the File menu.

As a next step you may want to add functionality to the application project, which can be done through the "ASF Wizard". Here you will get the option to add drivers, services and components (see the architecture page for the terminology). The added code modules may require configuration, which is done in the corresponding conf_[module].h file.

You can refer to the table below to get started with a specific module.

Once you get the hang of it you may want to start from scratch by loading a board template (or even make one yourself) and add ASF code in that together with your own code.

Alternatively you can load a project you have made previously, and add ASF code to that. In that context the application examples are convenient as reference to use a source module, or to copy and paste from whenever needed.

QS: Quick Start Guides, AN: Application Notes


Category Type Name Supported Devices QS AN Board