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ASF USB Device HID Mouse

Human interface on STK600 :


This example shows how to implement a USB Device HID Mouse on Atmel MCU with USB module. The application note AVR4903 http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/appnotes/doc8409.pdf provides information about this implementation.


The example uses the buttons or sensors available on the board to simulate a standard mouse. After loading firmware, connect the board (EVKxx,Xplain,...) to the USB Host. When connected to a USB host system this application provides a mouse application in the Unix/Mac/Windows operating systems. This example uses the native HID driver for these operating systems.

  • PWR led is on when power present
  • Led 0 is on when USB line is in IDLE mode, and off in SUSPEND mode
  • Led 1 blinks when USB host has checked and enabled HID mouse interface
  • Mouse move are linked at switches 0 (left), 1 (right)
  • Switch 0 is linked to wakeup USB Host in remote wakeup mode

About example

The example uses the following module groups:

  • Basic modules: Startup, board, clock, interrupt, power management
  • USB Device stack and HID modules:
  • Specific implementation:
    • main.c,
      initializes clock
      initializes interrupt
      manages UI
    • specific implementation for each target "./examples/product_board/":
      • conf_foo.h configuration of each module
      • ui.c implement of user's interface (buttons, leds)