Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

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UC3 L0/L3U/L4U Documentation


This documentation has been automatically generated, and documents the source code found in the Microchip Advanced Software Framework (ASF).


ACIFB - Analog Comparator Interface
ADCIFB - ADC Interface B
AST - Asynchronous Timer
AT25DFx SerialFlash
AT42QT1060 - UC3 A3/A4/C/L implementation
AT45DBX DataFlash (from ASF ver. 1)
Calendar functionality
Chip Reset Cause Access - UC3 implementation
CPU Cycle Counter
CPU Reset Cause
CPU SAU - Secure Access Unit
Debug macros and functions
Delay routines
DLMALLOC - Dynamic memory allocation
DSP - Digital signal processing library - Source
EIC - External Interrupt Controller
External oscillator frequency detection
FAT file system with navigation filtered in flat mode
FIFO - First-In-First-Out circular buffer
FLASH Controller Double-Word (FLASHCDW)
FREQM - Frequency Meter
Generic board support
GFX Color - System Font
GPIO - General-Purpose Input/Output
Graphical Widget Library Toolkit
IJG JPEG Decoder
INTC - Interrupt Controller
Interrupt management - UC3 implementation
IOPORT - General purpose I/O service
LCD - ILI9341 Display Controller
LodePNG PNG Decoder
maXTouch - mXT143E Controller
MEMBAG Memory Bag Allocator
Memory Control Access Interface
MPU - Memory Protection Unit
NVM - Non volatile memory access
PDCA - Peripheral DMA Controller
PM Power Manager - UC3 L0 implementation
PolarSSL - Small Cryptographic and SSL/TLS Library
PWMA - Pulse Width Modulation A
QT1081 QTouch sensor
QT60168 16-key QMatrix touch sensor
QTouch Sensor with I2C interface
SCIF System Control Interface - UC3L implementation
SD/MMC card access using SPI
SD/MMC stack on SPI interface
Sensors - ATAVRSBIN2 Sensor Board
Sensors - Sensor Device Stack - UC3 implementation
Serial I/O - Host using UART
Serial I/O - Host using USB
Serial I/O - NCP Using UART
Sleep manager - UC3 implementation
SPI - Common Standard SPI
SPI - Serial Peripheral Interface
Standard serial I/O (stdio) - UC3 implementation
System Clock Control - UC3 L0 with PLL implementation
TC - Timer/Counter
TWI - Two-Wire Interface - UC3 A3/A4/C/D/L implementation
TWI - Two-Wire Master Interface
TWI - Two-Wire Slave Interface
Unit test framework - UC3 implementation
USART - Serial interface - UC3 implementation
USART - Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
USART Debug strings
USB Composite Device
USB Device CDC
USB Device CDC Standard I/O (stdio)
USB Device HID generic
USB Device HID keyboard
USB Device HID mouse
USB Device HID multi-touch
USB Device Mass Storage Class
USB Device Vendor Class
Virtual Memory in RAM
WDT Watchdog Timer - UC3 C/L implementation


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