Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

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oApplications and Examples
oUnit Tests
oSerial Interface (Serial)See Quick start guide for Serial Interface service
oUSB device descriptors for a single interfaceThe following structures provide the USB device descriptors required for USB Device with a single interface MSC
oUC3 Peripheral DMA ControllerThe Peripheral DMA controller (PDCA) transfers data between on-chip peripheral modules such as USART, SPI, SSC and on- and off-chip memories
oSIO2NCP - UARTThis module performs serial input/output functionalities via UART from and to the HOST
oStandard I/O (stdio)Common standard I/O driver that implements the stdio read and write functions on AVR and SAM devices
oMemory Control AccessCommon abstraction layer for memory interfaces
oPWMA - Pulse Width Modulation AThe Pulse Width Modulation A Controller (PWMA) controls several pulse width modulation (PWM) channels
oFirst-In-First-Out Buffer (FIFO)See Quick start guide for First-In-First-Out Buffer (FIFO)
oUSB device descriptors for a single interfaceThe following structures provide the USB device descriptors required for USB Device with a single interface PHDC
oNVM serviceSee Quick Start quide for common NVM driver
oTOUCH - QT1081 QTouch sensorThe QT1081 sensor is operated by GPIOs and this driver provides a wrapper for the GPIO accesses
oAT25DFx SerialFlash component driver.See Quickstart guide for AT25DFx component.
oIn System Programming API
oUSB device descriptors for a single interfaceThe following structures provide the USB device descriptors required for USB Device with a single interface DFU Atmel Class
oQTouch device driver for I2C interfaceSee Quick start guide for QTouch component
oExternal oscillator frequency detectionA software service to estimate an oscillator frequency using a known oscillator (external or internal) as a reference
oDLMALLOC - Dynamic memory allocationDlmalloc is a version of malloc/free/realloc, which offers memory administration functionallity
oInterface with USB Device Core (UDC)Structures and functions required by UDC
oImplementation of UDI HID multi-touchClass internal implementation
oClock Management
oTOUCH - AT42QT1060 QTouch 6-channel sensorThis driver offers configuration as well as checking the status of the touch sensor
oTWI - Two-Wire Master InterfaceDriver for the TWIM (Two-Wire Master Interface)
oAtmel FLIP Protocol definitionsTo perform firmware upgrade, Atmel has developed an application called "FLIP" This software is a flexible application which lets you program and configure Atmel's microcontroller devices in their final environment without needing any dedicated hardware
oDefinitions for Atmel FLIP Protocol version 2Note: Used by uc3 and Xmega parts
oPolarSSL - Small Cryptographic and SSL/TLS LibraryPolarSSL is a light-weight open source cryptographic and SSL/TLS library written in C
oSleep managerThe sleep manager is a service for ensuring that the device is not put to sleep in deeper sleep modes than the system (e.g., peripheral drivers, services or the application) allows at any given time
oADCIFB - ADC Interface BDriver for the ADCIFB (Analog-to-Digital Converter Interface B)
oPower Manager (PM)This is a stub on the AVR UC3 Power Manager(PM) for the sleepmgr service
oCPU - PM - Power ManagerThe Power Manager (PM) provides synchronous clocks to the CPU and the modules and peripherals connected to the HSB and PBx buses
oACIFB - Analog ComparatorInterface
oAST - Asynchronous TimerDriver for the AST (Asynchronous Timer)
oCPU - Cycle CounterCPU Cycle Counter provides an interface to the COUNT and COMPARE registers
oUSART Debug stringsThis driver adds functionality to print debug strings and data through a dedicated USART
oTC - Timer/CounterDriver for the TC (Timer/Counter)
oGeneric board supportThe generic board support module includes board-specific definitions and function prototypes, such as the board initialization function
oMEMORY - SD/MMC card access using SPIDriver for SD (Secure Digital) / MMC (MultiMedia Card) access using SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface)
oWDT - Watchdog TimerDriver for the Watchdog Timer
oAtmel part identification macrosThis collection of macros identify which series and families that the various Atmel parts belong to
oUSART - Univ. Sync/Async Serial Rec/TransDriver for the USART (Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter)
oDescriptors for a USB DeviceComposite
oUSB device descriptors for a single interfaceThe following structures provide the USB device descriptors required for USB Device with a single interface Vendor Class
oDebug macros and functionsDebug macros and functions for tracing memory usage for the malloc() and free() functions
oUSB device descriptors for a single interfaceThe following structures provide the USB device descriptors required for USB Device with a single interface CDC
oCPU - SCIF - System Control InterfaceDriver for the SCIF (System Control Interface)
oAT45DBX DataFlash (from ASF ver. 1)Driver for the AT45dbX series SPI DataFlash memories (from ASF V1)
oJoystick interface (5-way)A 5-way joystick (left, right, up, down, press) interface using 5 GPIOs
oBusy-Wait Delay RoutinesThis module provides simple loop-based delay routines for those applications requiring a brief wait during execution
oGlobal interrupt managementThis is a driver for global enabling and disabling of interrupts
oDSP Library
oSensors Xplained Extension BoardsThis file contains definitions and services related to the features of the SENSORS_XPLAINED_XXX Xplained boards
oFrequency Meter (FREQM)This is a driver for configuration, enabling, disabling and use of the on-chip UC3 Frequency Meter (FREQM) controller
oSerial Peripheral Interface (SPI)This is the common API for SPI interface
oMEMORY - MPU - Memory Protection UnitMPU driver that allows the user to divide the memory space into different protection regions
oUSB StackThis stack includes the USB Device Stack, USB Host Stack and common definitions
oSPI - Serial Peripheral InterfaceSee Quick start guide for SPI driver on AVR32 devices
oSIO2HOST - UARTThis module performs serial input/output functionalities via UART
omaXTouch low-level componentSee Quick start guide for the maXTouch component
oILI9341 Display Controller Component DriverSee Quick Start Guide for the ILI9341 Display Controller Component Driver
oImplementation of SD/MMC/SDIO Stack
oSD/MMC/SDIO common stackSD/MMC/SDIO basic APIs used by SD/MMC/SDIO memory APIs (sd_mmc_stack_mem_group)
oIJG JPEG DecoderThe IJG (the Independent JPEG Group) JPEG decoder offers, besides JPEG decoding, basic scaling (factors n*2) and an option to implement different memory management backends
oAT45dbx DataFlash component driver.This is a driver for the AT45dbX series DataFlash memories
oQTouch LibraryFor AVR UC3 L0
oSIO2HOST - USBThis module performs serial input/output functionalities via USB
oCommon IOPORT APISee Quick start guide for the common IOPORT service
oVirtual Memory in RAMThe component manages a disk on a volatile memory (internal RAM)
oUSART in SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) modeThis is the common API for USART in SPI mode
oGPIO - General-Purpose Input/OutputGPIO gives access to the MCU pins
oLodePNG PNG DecoderLodePNG is a PNG image decoder
oTest Suite FrameworkThis module is the test suite framework, which provides a set of standard functions and macros for defining and running test suites
oTwo Wire-interface(TWI)This is the common API for TWIs
oTWI - Two-Wire Slave InterfaceDriver for the TWIS (Two-Wire Slave Interface)
oFLASHCDW - FLASH Controller Double-WordFLASHCDW interfaces a flash block with the 32-bit internal HSB bus
oMEMORY - EIC - External Interrupt ControllerEIC allows pins to be configured as external interrupts
oSensors Platform Board ConfigurationConfiguration constants defined for the platform are used to enable peripherals and map I/O pin interfaces between sensors and the development board they are paired with
oSensor Device StackThe sensor device service provides high-level interfaces and binary driver libraries for sensor devices on systems built around Atmel microcontrollers
oMemory Bag AllocatorThe Membag allocator is a optimized, fragmentationless general purpose memory allocator utility module designed to replace the standard C library malloc() and free() functions in resource constrained environments
oINTC Software Driver API for AVR UC3This is a software module to register interrupt handlers at any specified interrupt level to any interrupt line managed by the INTC module in AVR UC3 devices
oSerial Standard I/O (stdio) Example
oFAT file systemFAT file system driver that provides an interface for accessing a FAT file system located on a memory device
oCalendar serviceSee Quick start guide for Calendar service
oCompiler abstraction layer and code utilitiesCompiler abstraction layer and code utilities for 32-bit AVR
oTOUCH - QT60168 16-key QMatrix touch sensorThis driver offers configuration as well as checking the status of the touch sensor
oSAU Driver
oCPU reset causeSee Quick start guide for reset cause service
oGraphical display systemThis service provides an interface to drawing graphics on a graphical display