Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

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Interface with USB Device Core (UDC)

Structures and functions required by UDC.


void udi_phdc_disable (void)
bool udi_phdc_enable (void)
uint8_t udi_phdc_getsetting (void)
bool udi_phdc_setup (void)


UDC_DESC_STORAGE udi_api_t udi_api_phdc
UDC_DESC_STORAGE udi_api_t udi_api_phdc

void udi_phdc_disable ( void  )
uint8_t udi_phdc_getsetting ( void  )

Initial value:
= {
.enable = udi_phdc_enable,
.disable = udi_phdc_disable,
.setup = udi_phdc_setup,
.getsetting = udi_phdc_getsetting,
.sof_notify = NULL,
#define NULL
Definition: lwip-1.4.1/src/include/lwip/def.h:47
void udi_phdc_disable(void)
Definition: udi_phdc.c:230
bool udi_phdc_setup(void)
Definition: udi_phdc.c:236
uint8_t udi_phdc_getsetting(void)
Definition: udi_phdc.c:312
bool udi_phdc_enable(void)
Definition: udi_phdc.c:208