Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

lodepng.h File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>

Data Structures

struct  LodePNG_Decoder
struct  LodePNG_DecodeSettings
struct  LodePNG_InfoColor
struct  LodePNG_InfoPng
struct  LodePNG_InfoRaw
struct  LodePNG_IText
struct  LodePNG_Text
struct  LodePNG_Time
struct  LodePNG_UnknownChunks
struct  LodeZlib_DecompressSettings


#define LODEPNG_COMPILE_ANCILLARY_CHUNKS   /*any code or struct datamember related to chunks other than IHDR, IDAT, PLTE, tRNS, IEND*/
#define LODEPNG_COMPILE_DECODER   /*deflate&zlib decoder and png decoder*/
#define LODEPNG_COMPILE_PNG   /*png encoder and png decoder*/
#define LODEPNG_COMPILE_UNKNOWN_CHUNKS   /*handling of unknown chunks*/
#define LODEPNG_COMPILE_ZLIB   /*deflate&zlib encoder and deflate&zlib decoder*/


typedef struct LodePNG_Decoder LodePNG_Decoder
typedef struct
typedef struct LodePNG_InfoColor LodePNG_InfoColor
typedef struct LodePNG_InfoPng LodePNG_InfoPng
typedef struct LodePNG_InfoRaw LodePNG_InfoRaw
typedef struct LodePNG_IText LodePNG_IText
typedef struct LodePNG_Text LodePNG_Text
typedef struct LodePNG_Time LodePNG_Time
typedef struct
typedef struct


unsigned LodePNG_append_chunk (unsigned char **out, size_t *outlength, const unsigned char *chunk)
unsigned LodePNG_chunk_check_crc (const unsigned char *chunk)
unsigned char LodePNG_chunk_critical (const unsigned char *chunk)
unsigned char * LodePNG_chunk_data (unsigned char *chunk)
const unsigned char * LodePNG_chunk_data_const (const unsigned char *chunk)
void LodePNG_chunk_generate_crc (unsigned char *chunk)
unsigned LodePNG_chunk_length (const unsigned char *chunk)
unsigned char * LodePNG_chunk_next (unsigned char *chunk)
const unsigned char * LodePNG_chunk_next_const (const unsigned char *chunk)
unsigned char LodePNG_chunk_private (const unsigned char *chunk)
unsigned char LodePNG_chunk_safetocopy (const unsigned char *chunk)
void LodePNG_chunk_type (char type[5], const unsigned char *chunk)
unsigned char LodePNG_chunk_type_equals (const unsigned char *chunk, const char *type)
unsigned LodePNG_convert (unsigned char *out, const unsigned char *in, LodePNG_InfoColor *infoOut, LodePNG_InfoColor *infoIn, unsigned w, unsigned h)
unsigned LodePNG_create_chunk (unsigned char **out, size_t *outlength, unsigned length, const char *type, const unsigned char *data)
void LodePNG_decode (LodePNG_Decoder *decoder, unsigned char **out, size_t *outsize, const unsigned char *in, size_t insize)
unsigned LodePNG_decode32 (unsigned char **out, unsigned *w, unsigned *h, const unsigned char *in, size_t insize)
void LodePNG_Decoder_cleanup (LodePNG_Decoder *decoder)
void LodePNG_Decoder_copy (LodePNG_Decoder *dest, const LodePNG_Decoder *source)
void LodePNG_Decoder_init (LodePNG_Decoder *decoder)
void LodePNG_DecodeSettings_init (LodePNG_DecodeSettings *settings)
unsigned LodePNG_InfoColor_addPalette (LodePNG_InfoColor *info, unsigned char r, unsigned char g, unsigned char b, unsigned char a)
void LodePNG_InfoColor_cleanup (LodePNG_InfoColor *info)
void LodePNG_InfoColor_clearPalette (LodePNG_InfoColor *info)
unsigned LodePNG_InfoColor_copy (LodePNG_InfoColor *dest, const LodePNG_InfoColor *source)
unsigned LodePNG_InfoColor_getBpp (const LodePNG_InfoColor *info)
unsigned LodePNG_InfoColor_getChannels (const LodePNG_InfoColor *info)
void LodePNG_InfoColor_init (LodePNG_InfoColor *info)
unsigned LodePNG_InfoColor_isAlphaType (const LodePNG_InfoColor *info)
unsigned LodePNG_InfoColor_isGreyscaleType (const LodePNG_InfoColor *info)
void LodePNG_InfoPng_cleanup (LodePNG_InfoPng *info)
unsigned LodePNG_InfoPng_copy (LodePNG_InfoPng *dest, const LodePNG_InfoPng *source)
void LodePNG_InfoPng_init (LodePNG_InfoPng *info)
void LodePNG_InfoRaw_cleanup (LodePNG_InfoRaw *info)
unsigned LodePNG_InfoRaw_copy (LodePNG_InfoRaw *dest, const LodePNG_InfoRaw *source)
void LodePNG_InfoRaw_init (LodePNG_InfoRaw *info)
void LodePNG_inspect (LodePNG_Decoder *decoder, const unsigned char *in, size_t size)
unsigned LodePNG_IText_add (LodePNG_IText *text, const char *key, const char *langtag, const char *transkey, const char *str)
void LodePNG_IText_cleanup (LodePNG_IText *text)
void LodePNG_IText_clear (LodePNG_IText *text)
unsigned LodePNG_IText_copy (LodePNG_IText *dest, const LodePNG_IText *source)
void LodePNG_IText_init (LodePNG_IText *text)
unsigned LodePNG_Text_add (LodePNG_Text *text, const char *key, const char *str)
void LodePNG_Text_cleanup (LodePNG_Text *text)
void LodePNG_Text_clear (LodePNG_Text *text)
unsigned LodePNG_Text_copy (LodePNG_Text *dest, const LodePNG_Text *source)
void LodePNG_Text_init (LodePNG_Text *text)
void LodePNG_UnknownChunks_cleanup (LodePNG_UnknownChunks *chunks)
unsigned LodePNG_UnknownChunks_copy (LodePNG_UnknownChunks *dest, const LodePNG_UnknownChunks *src)
void LodePNG_UnknownChunks_init (LodePNG_UnknownChunks *chunks)
unsigned LodeZlib_decompress (unsigned char **out, size_t *outsize, const unsigned char *in, size_t insize, const LodeZlib_DecompressSettings *settings)
void LodeZlib_DecompressSettings_init (LodeZlib_DecompressSettings *settings)


const LodeZlib_DecompressSettings LodeZlib_defaultDecompressSettings