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quaternion.h File Reference

The math::quaternion class defines quaternion types and utilities.

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#include "matrix.h"
#include "vector.h"

Data Structures

class  math::quaternion
 4-dimensional normed division algebra over the Real Numbers More...




const quaternion math::operator* (const quaternion &q, const vector3d &v)
 Multiply a vector by a quaternion. More...
const quaternion math::operator* (const vector3d &v, const quaternion &q)
 Multiply a quaternion by a vector. More...
const matrix3d math::quaternion2DCM (const quaternion &q)
 Quaternion to direction cosine matrix (DCM) conversion. More...
const vector3d math::quaternion2euler (const quaternion &q)
 Quaternion to Euler angle conversion. More...
const vector3d math::rotate (const quaternion &q, const vector3d &v)
 Rotate a vector by a unit quaternion. More...