Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

arc4.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  arc4_context
 ARC4 context structure. More...


int arc4_crypt (arc4_context *ctx, int length, const unsigned char *input, unsigned char *output)
 ARC4 cipher function. More...
int arc4_self_test (int verbose)
void arc4_setup (arc4_context *ctx, const unsigned char *key, int keylen)
 ARC4 key schedule. More...

int arc4_crypt ( arc4_context ctx,
int  length,
const unsigned char *  input,
unsigned char *  output 

ARC4 cipher function.

ctxARC4 context
lengthlength of the input data
inputbuffer holding the input data
outputbuffer for the output data
0 if successful
int arc4_self_test ( int  verbose)
void arc4_setup ( arc4_context ctx,
const unsigned char *  key,
int  keylen 

ARC4 key schedule.

ctxARC4 context to be initialized
keythe secret key
keylenlength of the key