Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

at42qt1060.c File Reference
#include "board.h"
#include "compiler.h"
#include "gpio.h"
#include "conf_at42qt1060.h"
#include "at42qt1060.h"
#include "cycle_counter.h"
#include "twi.h"


uint8_t at42qt1060_get_detect_status (void)
 Gets the touch detect status of the sensor. More...
uint8_t at42qt1060_get_status (void)
void at42qt1060_init (int32_t fcpu)
 Initialize touch sensor with default configuration values. More...
uint8_t at42qt1060_read_reg (uint8_t reg_index)
 Read device register content. More...
void at42qt1060_register_int (void(*touch_detect_callback)(void))
 Register a normal pin interrupt for the touch event. More...
void at42qt1060_write_reg (uint8_t reg_index, uint8_t data)
 Write device register content. More...
 ISR (at42qt1060_detect_int_handler, AVR32_GPIO_IRQ_GROUP, 0)
 Interrupt handler for the pin interrupt-. More...


struct {
   void(*   touch_detect_callback )(void)
 Local driver data. More...
static uint32_t cpu_hz

uint8_t at42qt1060_get_status ( void  )

References MSB, twi_master_read(), and twi_package_t.

ISR ( at42qt1060_detect_int_handler  ,

Interrupt handler for the pin interrupt-.

References at42qt1060, gpio_clear_pin_interrupt_flag(), and gpio_get_pin_interrupt_flag().

struct { ... } at42qt1060
Initial value:
.touch_detect_callback = NULL
#define NULL
Definition: lwip-1.4.1/src/include/lwip/def.h:47

Local driver data.

Referenced by at42qt1060_register_int(), and ISR().

uint32_t cpu_hz
void(* touch_detect_callback)(void)

Referenced by at42qt1060_register_int().