Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

core Directory Reference


file  lwip-1.3.2/src/core/dhcp.c
 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol client.
file  lwip-1.3.2/src/core/dns.c
 DNS - host name to IP address resolver.
file  lwip-1.3.2/src/core/init.c
 Modules initialization.
file  lwip-1.3.2/src/core/mem.c
 Dynamic memory manager.
file  lwip-1.3.2/src/core/memp.c
 Dynamic pool memory manager.
file  lwip-1.3.2/src/core/netif.c
 lwIP network interface abstraction
file  lwip-1.3.2/src/core/pbuf.c
 Packet buffer management.
file  lwip-1.3.2/src/core/raw.c
 Implementation of raw protocol PCBs for low-level handling of different types of protocols besides (or overriding) those already available in lwIP.
file  lwip-1.3.2/src/core/stats.c
 Statistics module.
file  lwip-1.3.2/src/core/sys.c
 lwIP Operating System abstraction
file  lwip-1.3.2/src/core/tcp.c
 Transmission Control Protocol for IP.
file  lwip-1.3.2/src/core/tcp_in.c
 Transmission Control Protocol, incoming traffic.
file  lwip-1.3.2/src/core/tcp_out.c
 Transmission Control Protocol, outgoing traffic.
file  lwip-1.3.2/src/core/udp.c
 User Datagram Protocol module.