Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

jmemnobs.c File Reference
#include "jinclude.h"
#include "jpeglib.h"
#include "jmemsys.h"




 jpeg_free_large (j_common_ptr cinfo, void FAR *object, size_t sizeofobject)
 jpeg_free_small (j_common_ptr cinfo, void *object, size_t sizeofobject)
 jpeg_get_large (j_common_ptr cinfo, size_t sizeofobject)
 jpeg_get_small (j_common_ptr cinfo, size_t sizeofobject)
 jpeg_mem_available (j_common_ptr cinfo, long min_bytes_needed, long max_bytes_needed, long already_allocated)
 jpeg_mem_init (j_common_ptr cinfo)
 jpeg_mem_term (j_common_ptr cinfo)
 jpeg_open_backing_store (j_common_ptr cinfo, backing_store_ptr info, long total_bytes_needed)


jpeg_free_large ( j_common_ptr  cinfo,
void FAR object,
size_t  sizeofobject 

Referenced by free_pool().

jpeg_free_small ( j_common_ptr  cinfo,
void *  object,
size_t  sizeofobject 

Referenced by free_pool(), and self_destruct().

jpeg_get_large ( j_common_ptr  cinfo,
size_t  sizeofobject 

References FAR.

jpeg_get_small ( j_common_ptr  cinfo,
size_t  sizeofobject 

Referenced by if(), and jinit_memory_mgr().

jpeg_mem_available ( j_common_ptr  cinfo,
long  min_bytes_needed,
long  max_bytes_needed,
long  already_allocated 

References max_bytes_needed.

jpeg_mem_init ( j_common_ptr  cinfo)

Referenced by jinit_memory_mgr().

jpeg_mem_term ( j_common_ptr  cinfo)

Referenced by jinit_memory_mgr(), and self_destruct().

jpeg_open_backing_store ( j_common_ptr  cinfo,
backing_store_ptr  info,
long  total_bytes_needed 

References ERREXIT.