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press_altitude.h File Reference

Utilities that convert pressure to altitude.

This is a collection of high-level utility functions that will convert a given pressure to an altitude within the Earth's atmosphere using the International Standard Atmosphere (ISA) model. The ISA is an ideal model of how pressure, temperature, density, and viscosity of the atmosphere change with altitude. The basic pressure_altitude_xxx() routines implement ISA equations in a fairly straightforward fashion without additional constraints. For example, the temperature decrease with altitude (lapse rate) is approximately -6.5 degrees Celsius per 1000 meters for standard atmosphere, but the actual rate varies from day to day and throughout the day.

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#include "physics.h"


scalar pressure_altitude (scalar P)
 Get an ISA pressure altitude. More...
bool pressure_isa_layer (int index=0)
 Specify a pressure-altitude layer. More...
void pressure_sea_level (scalar P=CONST_STANDARD_ATM)
 Specify the (corrected) pressure-altitude sea level pressure. More...

scalar pressure_altitude ( scalar  P)

Get an ISA pressure altitude.

Given atmospheric pressure "P" in pascals, this routine returns the associated barometric altitude ("pressure altitude") using International Standard Atmosphere (ISA) pressure model coefficients and equations.

PThe current atmospheric pressure in pascals.
scalar The altitude in meters.

References Hb, Lb, Pb, and Tb.

bool pressure_isa_layer ( int  index)

Specify a pressure-altitude layer.

The routine sets the pressure_altitude() function to use a specified "layer" in domain [0, 6]. By default layer 0 is assumed. Calling this routine without arguments will set the pressure_altitude() to calculate barometric altitude assuming a pressure domain within ISA layer zero (P < 22 632 pascals).

indexThe atmospheric layer index, zero by default.
bool True if a valid layer index is specified.

References index, Lb, R_g0, and Tb.

void pressure_sea_level ( scalar  P)

Specify the (corrected) pressure-altitude sea level pressure.

This routine will calculate a bias to correct the ISA standard pressure at sea level (1 atm. = 101 325 Pa) for local variations in barometric pressure at mean sea level (MSL).

PThe current local pressure (pascals) at sea level.

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