Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

Fs_management_entry Struct Reference

Structure to save the frequently variables of file system mounted.

#include <fat.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t u32_cluster
 First cluster of the selected file. More...
uint32_t u32_pos_in_file
 Current position in file (unit Bytes) More...
uint32_t u32_size
 Size of selected file (unit Bytes) More...
uint8_t u8_attr
 Attribute of the selected file. More...
uint8_t u8_open_mode
 open mode of selected file More...
uint8_t u8_txt_format
 format of text used in selected file (only for reader_txt module) More...

uint32_t Fs_management_entry::u32_cluster
uint32_t Fs_management_entry::u32_pos_in_file

Current position in file (unit Bytes)

Referenced by fat_read_file(), file_bof(), file_eof(), file_getc(), file_getpos(), file_open(), file_read(), file_read_buf(), and file_seek().

uint32_t Fs_management_entry::u32_size
uint8_t Fs_management_entry::u8_attr
uint8_t Fs_management_entry::u8_open_mode

open mode of selected file

Referenced by file_close(), file_flush(), file_getc(), file_open(), file_read(), and file_read_buf().

uint8_t Fs_management_entry::u8_txt_format

format of text used in selected file (only for reader_txt module)

Referenced by reader_txt_beg(), reader_txt_get_line(), reader_txt_new(), and reader_txt_select_format().