Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

Fs_sector_cache Struct Reference

Structure to store the information about sector cache (=last sector read or write on disk)

#include <fat.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t u32_addr
 Sector address (unit 512B) More...
uint32_t u32_clusterlist_pos
 position in cluster list (unit 512B) More...
uint32_t u32_clusterlist_start
 first cluster of cluster list More...
uint8_t u8_dirty
 Cache status. More...
uint8_t u8_lun
 LUN of sector. More...

uint32_t Fs_sector_cache::u32_addr

Sector address (unit 512B)

Referenced by fat_cache_flush(), and fat_cache_read_sector().

uint32_t Fs_sector_cache::u32_clusterlist_pos

position in cluster list (unit 512B)

Referenced by fat_read_dir(), and fat_read_file().

uint32_t Fs_sector_cache::u32_clusterlist_start

first cluster of cluster list

Referenced by fat_cache_reset(), fat_read_dir(), and fat_read_file().

uint8_t Fs_sector_cache::u8_dirty

Cache status.

if the sector is a sector from a cluster list THEN

Referenced by fat_cache_flush(), and fat_cache_reset().

uint8_t Fs_sector_cache::u8_lun