Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

adv_data_start_t Struct Reference

Atmel Data Visualizer data packet components.

A complete data packet consists of an adv_data_start_t structure, followed by one or more adv_data_field_t structures containing the actual data values, followed by an adv_data_end_t structure.

#include <data_visualizer.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t header1
uint8_t header2
uint16_t length
uint8_t stream_num
uint32_t time_stamp
uint8_t type

uint8_t adv_data_start_t::header1
uint8_t adv_data_start_t::header2
uint16_t adv_data_start_t::length
uint8_t adv_data_start_t::stream_num
uint32_t adv_data_start_t::time_stamp
uint8_t adv_data_start_t::type