Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

fifo_desc Struct Reference

FIFO descriptor used by FIFO driver.

#include <fifo.h>

Data Fields

union {
   uint16_t *   u16ptr
 Pointer to unsigned-16 bits location. More...
   uint32_t *   u32ptr
 Pointer to unsigned-32 bits location. More...
   uint8_t *   u8ptr
 Pointer to unsigned-8 bits location. More...
uint8_t mask
 Mask used to speed up FIFO operation (wrapping) More...
volatile uint8_t read_index
 Read index. More...
uint8_t size
 Size of the FIFO (unit is in number of 'element') More...
volatile uint8_t write_index
 Write index. More...

uint8_t fifo_desc::size

Size of the FIFO (unit is in number of 'element')

Referenced by fifo_get_free_size(), fifo_init(), and fifo_is_full().

uint16_t* fifo_desc::u16ptr
uint32_t* fifo_desc::u32ptr
uint8_t* fifo_desc::u8ptr