Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

font Struct Reference

Storage structure for font meta data.

#include <gfx_text.h>

Data Fields

union {
   uint8_t PROGMEM_PTR_T   progmem
 Pointer to where the binary font data is stored. More...
uint8_t first_char
uint8_t height
uint8_t last_char
enum font_data_type type
uint8_t width

union { ... } font::data
uint8_t font::first_char

ASCII value of first character in font set.

Referenced by gfx_draw_char_hugemem(), and gfx_draw_char_progmem().

uint8_t font::last_char

ASCII value of last character in the set.

uint8_t PROGMEM_PTR_T font::progmem

Pointer to where the binary font data is stored.

This variable is accessed either through hugemem or progmem depending on the value of type.

Referenced by gfx_draw_char_progmem().

enum font_data_type font::type

Type of storage used for binary font data. See font_data_type.

Referenced by gfx_draw_char().