Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

Storage structure for bitmap pixel data and metadata.

#include <gfx_generic.h>

Data Fields

union {
   gfx_color_t   color
   void *   custom
   gfx_color_t *   pixmap
   gfx_color_t PROGMEM_PTR_T   progmem
gfx_coord_t height
enum gfx_bitmap_type type
gfx_coord_t width

gfx_color_t gfx_bitmap::color
void* gfx_bitmap::custom

External interface custom data

union { ... } gfx_bitmap::data
gfx_color_t* gfx_bitmap::pixmap

Pointer to pixels for bitmap stored in SRAM

Referenced by gfx_generic_put_bitmap().

gfx_color_t PROGMEM_PTR_T gfx_bitmap::progmem

Pointer to pixels for bitmap stored in progmem

Referenced by gfx_generic_put_bitmap().

enum gfx_bitmap_type gfx_bitmap::type