Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

isp_mem_bootloader_t Struct Reference

Memory bootloader structure.

In the FLIP protocol, this structure is used to store medium and minor bootloader versions:

  • Example, Version 0x00 give 1.0.0 on batchisp log
  • Example, Version 0x03 give 1.0.3 on batchisp log
  • Example, Version 0x25 give 1.2.5 on batchisp log
  • id1 & id2 are not used and must always be 0.

#include <isp.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t id1
uint8_t id2
uint8_t version

uint8_t isp_mem_bootloader_t::id1
uint8_t isp_mem_bootloader_t::id2
uint8_t isp_mem_bootloader_t::version