Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

isp_mem_t Struct Reference

Memory API definition.

#include <isp.h>

Data Fields

void(* fnct_read )(void *dst, isp_addr_t src, uint16_t nbytes)
 Function to read memory. More...
void(* fnct_write )(isp_addr_t dst, const void *src, uint16_t nbytes)
 Function to write memory. More...
uint32_t size
 Size of the memory (unit Byte) More...

void(* isp_mem_t::fnct_read)(void *dst, isp_addr_t src, uint16_t nbytes)
void(* isp_mem_t::fnct_write)(isp_addr_t dst, const void *src, uint16_t nbytes)

Function to write memory.

Referenced by udi_dfu_atmel_mem_write(), and udi_dfu_atmel_program().

uint32_t isp_mem_t::size

Size of the memory (unit Byte)

Referenced by udi_dfu_atmel_mem_getaddr(), and udi_dfu_atmel_select_memory().