Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

mxt_object Struct Reference

Object table entry.

#include <mxt_device.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t instances
 Maximum object instances. More...
uint8_t num_report_ids
 Number of report IDs pr object. More...
uint8_t size
 Object size. More...
mxt_memory_adr start_address
 Object start address. More...
uint8_t type
 Object type. More...

uint8_t mxt_object::instances

Maximum object instances.

Referenced by mxt_create_report_id_map().

uint8_t mxt_object::num_report_ids

Number of report IDs pr object.

Referenced by mxt_create_report_id_map(), and mxt_get_tot_report_ids().

uint8_t mxt_object::size

Object size.

Referenced by mxt_get_object_size().

mxt_memory_adr mxt_object::start_address

Object start address.

Referenced by mxt_get_object_address(), mxt_get_object_size(), and mxt_info_le_to_cpu().

uint8_t mxt_object::type

Object type.

Referenced by mxt_create_report_id_map(), and mxt_get_object_address().