Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

scsi_mode_param_header6 Struct Reference

SCSI Mode Parameter Header used by MODE SELECT(6) and MODE SENSE(6)

#include <spc_protocol.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t block_descriptor_length
 Length of block descriptors. More...
uint8_t device_specific_parameter
 Defined by command set. More...
uint8_t medium_type
 Medium Type. More...
uint8_t mode_data_length
 Number of bytes after this. More...

uint8_t scsi_mode_param_header6::block_descriptor_length

Length of block descriptors.

uint8_t scsi_mode_param_header6::device_specific_parameter

Defined by command set.

uint8_t scsi_mode_param_header6::medium_type

Medium Type.

uint8_t scsi_mode_param_header6::mode_data_length

Number of bytes after this.