Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

sd_mmc_card Struct Reference

SD/MMC card information structure.

Data Fields

uint8_t bus_width
 Number of DATA lin on bus (MCI only) More...
uint32_t capacity
 Card capacity in KBytes. More...
uint32_t clock
 Card access clock. More...
uint8_t csd [CSD_REG_BSIZE]
 CSD register. More...
uint8_t high_speed
 High speed card (1) More...
uint16_t rca
 Relative card address. More...
enum card_state state
 Card state. More...
card_type_t type
 Card type. More...
card_version_t version
 Card version. More...

uint8_t sd_mmc_card::bus_width

Number of DATA lin on bus (MCI only)

Referenced by mmc_cmd6_set_bus_width(), sd_acmd6(), sd_mmc_configure_slot(), and sd_mmc_select_slot().

uint32_t sd_mmc_card::capacity

Card capacity in KBytes.

Referenced by mmc_cmd8(), mmc_decode_csd(), sd_decode_csd(), and sd_mmc_get_capacity().

uint8_t sd_mmc_card::csd[CSD_REG_BSIZE]
uint8_t sd_mmc_card::high_speed
enum card_state sd_mmc_card::state

Card state.

Referenced by sd_mmc_check(), sd_mmc_init(), and sd_mmc_select_slot().