Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

tag_sensor_t Struct Reference

Sensor structure for storing sensor related information.

#include <touch_api_at32uc3l.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t from_channel
uint8_t general_counter
uint8_t index
uint8_t ndil_counter
uint8_t state
uint8_t threshold
uint8_t to_channel
uint8_t type_aks_pos_hyst

uint8_t tag_sensor_t::from_channel

sensor from channel

for keys: from channel = to channel

rotors : Top channel

sliders : Left most channel

NB:only need to_channel for keys in rotors/sliders build

uint8_t tag_sensor_t::general_counter

general purpose ctr: used for calibration, drifting, etc.

uint8_t tag_sensor_t::index

index into array of rotor/slider values.

uint8_t tag_sensor_t::ndil_counter

Detect Integration ctr.

uint8_t tag_sensor_t::state

sensor state (calibrating, on, ...).

uint8_t tag_sensor_t::threshold

sensor detection threshold.

uint8_t tag_sensor_t::to_channel

FOR KEY's: this is unused,

rotors: Bottom left channel

sliders: Middle channel

uint8_t tag_sensor_t::type_aks_pos_hyst

bits 7..6: sensor type:

{00: key,01: rotor,10: slider,11: reserved}

bits 5..3: AKS group (0..7): 0 = no AKS group

bit 2 : positive recal flag

bits 1..0: hysteresis