Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

usb_dev_qual_desc_t Struct Reference

Standard USB device qualifier descriptor structure.

This descriptor contains information about the device when running at the "other" speed (i.e. if the device is currently operating at high speed, this descriptor can be used to determine what would change if the device was operating at full speed.)

#include <usb_protocol.h>

Data Fields

le16_t bcdUSB
uint8_t bDescriptorType
uint8_t bDeviceClass
uint8_t bDeviceProtocol
uint8_t bDeviceSubClass
uint8_t bLength
uint8_t bMaxPacketSize0
uint8_t bNumConfigurations
uint8_t bReserved

le16_t usb_dev_qual_desc_t::bcdUSB
uint8_t usb_dev_qual_desc_t::bDescriptorType
uint8_t usb_dev_qual_desc_t::bDeviceClass
uint8_t usb_dev_qual_desc_t::bDeviceProtocol
uint8_t usb_dev_qual_desc_t::bDeviceSubClass
uint8_t usb_dev_qual_desc_t::bLength
uint8_t usb_dev_qual_desc_t::bMaxPacketSize0
uint8_t usb_dev_qual_desc_t::bNumConfigurations
uint8_t usb_dev_qual_desc_t::bReserved