Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

#include <usb_protocol_msc.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t bCBWCBLength
 Number of valid CDB bytes. More...
uint8_t bCBWLUN
 Logical Unit Number. More...
uint8_t bmCBWFlags
 Direction in bit 7. More...
uint8_t CDB [16]
 SCSI Command Descriptor Block. More...
le32_t dCBWDataTransferLength
 Number of bytes to transfer. More...
le32_t dCBWSignature
 Must contain 'USBC'. More...
le32_t dCBWTag
 Unique command ID. More...

uint8_t usb_msc_cbw::bCBWCBLength

Number of valid CDB bytes.

uint8_t usb_msc_cbw::bCBWLUN

Logical Unit Number.

uint8_t usb_msc_cbw::bmCBWFlags

Direction in bit 7.

uint8_t usb_msc_cbw::CDB[16]

SCSI Command Descriptor Block.

le32_t usb_msc_cbw::dCBWDataTransferLength

Number of bytes to transfer.

le32_t usb_msc_cbw::dCBWSignature

Must contain 'USBC'.

le32_t usb_msc_cbw::dCBWTag

Unique command ID.