Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

win_pointer_event Struct Reference

Event data for all pointer events, e.g.

touch screen or mouse.

#include <win.h>

Data Fields

win_button_mask_t buttons
 Pressed, released or held-while-move buttons. More...
bool is_relative
 True if position vector is relative. More...
struct win_point last_pos
 Absolute position of last event, set by window system. More...
struct win_point pos
 Position of press/release, or destination of move. More...
enum win_pointer_event_type type
 Type of this event. More...

win_button_mask_t win_pointer_event::buttons

Pressed, released or held-while-move buttons.

Referenced by main(), and read_touch_event().

bool win_pointer_event::is_relative

True if position vector is relative.

Referenced by main(), read_touch_event(), and win_process_pointer_event().

struct win_point win_pointer_event::last_pos

Absolute position of last event, set by window system.

Referenced by wtk_handle_frame_move(), wtk_handle_frame_release(), wtk_handle_resize_move(), and wtk_handle_resize_release().

enum win_pointer_event_type win_pointer_event::type

Type of this event.

Referenced by main(), read_touch_event(), win_handle_pointer_event(), and wtk_slider_handler().