Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

wtk_button Struct Reference

This is the button control struct.

It contains references to the windows composing the button, as well as non-window information required.

Structure fields are only internally accessible, only pointers to structure is needed externally.

Data Fields

char * caption
 Copy of caption string. More...
win_command_t command
 Custom command data, used when "clicked". More...
struct win_windowcontainer
 Container, ultimate widget parent. More...
enum wtk_button_state state
 Current state. More...

char* wtk_button::caption

Copy of caption string.

Referenced by wtk_button_create(), and wtk_button_handler().

win_command_t wtk_button::command

Custom command data, used when "clicked".

Referenced by wtk_button_create(), and wtk_button_get_command().

struct win_window* wtk_button::container

Container, ultimate widget parent.

Referenced by wtk_button_as_child(), wtk_button_create(), and wtk_button_handler().

enum wtk_button_state wtk_button::state

Current state.

Referenced by wtk_button_create(), and wtk_button_handler().