Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

task.h File Reference
#include "portable.h"
#include "list.h"

Data Structures

struct  xTIME_OUT


#define taskEXIT_CRITICAL()   portEXIT_CRITICAL()
#define taskSCHEDULER_RUNNING   1
#define taskYIELD()   portYIELD()
#define tskIDLE_PRIORITY   ( ( unsigned portBASE_TYPE ) 0U )
#define tskKERNEL_VERSION_NUMBER   "V7.0.0"
#define xTaskCreate(pvTaskCode, pcName, usStackDepth, pvParameters, uxPriority, pxCreatedTask)   xTaskGenericCreate( ( pvTaskCode ), ( pcName ), ( usStackDepth ), ( pvParameters ), ( uxPriority ), ( pxCreatedTask ), ( NULL ), ( NULL ) )
#define xTaskCreateRestricted(x, pxCreatedTask)   xTaskGenericCreate( ((x)->pvTaskCode), ((x)->pcName), ((x)->usStackDepth), ((x)->pvParameters), ((x)->uxPriority), (pxCreatedTask), ((x)->puxStackBuffer), ((x)->xRegions) )


typedef struct xMEMORY_REGION xMemoryRegion
typedef void * xTaskHandle
typedef struct xTASK_PARAMTERS xTaskParameters
typedef struct xTIME_OUT xTimeOutType


unsigned long ulTaskEndTrace (void) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
unsigned portBASE_TYPE uxTaskGetNumberOfTasks (void) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
unsigned portBASE_TYPE uxTaskGetStackHighWaterMark (xTaskHandle xTask) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
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unsigned portBASE_TYPE uxTaskPriorityGet (xTaskHandle pxTask) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
void vTaskAllocateMPURegions (xTaskHandle xTask, const xMemoryRegion *const pxRegions) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
void vTaskCleanUpResources (void) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
void vTaskDelay (portTickType xTicksToDelay) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
void vTaskDelayUntil (portTickType *const pxPreviousWakeTime, portTickType xTimeIncrement) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
void vTaskDelete (xTaskHandle pxTaskToDelete) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
void vTaskEndScheduler (void) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
void vTaskGetRunTimeStats (signed char *pcWriteBuffer) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
void vTaskIncrementTick (void) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
void vTaskList (signed char *pcWriteBuffer) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
void vTaskMissedYield (void) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
void vTaskPlaceOnEventList (const xList *const pxEventList, portTickType xTicksToWait) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
void vTaskPlaceOnEventListRestricted (const xList *const pxEventList, portTickType xTicksToWait) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
void vTaskPriorityDisinherit (xTaskHandle *const pxMutexHolder) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
void vTaskPriorityInherit (xTaskHandle *const pxMutexHolder) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
void vTaskPrioritySet (xTaskHandle pxTask, unsigned portBASE_TYPE uxNewPriority) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
void vTaskResume (xTaskHandle pxTaskToResume) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
void vTaskSetTimeOutState (xTimeOutType *const pxTimeOut) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
void vTaskStartScheduler (void) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
void vTaskStartTrace (signed char *pcBuffer, unsigned long ulBufferSize) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
void vTaskSuspend (xTaskHandle pxTaskToSuspend) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
void vTaskSuspendAll (void) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
void vTaskSwitchContext (void) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
portBASE_TYPE xTaskCallApplicationTaskHook (xTaskHandle xTask, void *pvParameter) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
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portBASE_TYPE xTaskCheckForTimeOut (xTimeOutType *const pxTimeOut, portTickType *const pxTicksToWait) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
signed portBASE_TYPE xTaskGenericCreate (pdTASK_CODE pxTaskCode, const signed char *const pcName, unsigned short usStackDepth, void *pvParameters, unsigned portBASE_TYPE uxPriority, xTaskHandle *pxCreatedTask, portSTACK_TYPE *puxStackBuffer, const xMemoryRegion *const xRegions) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
xTaskHandle xTaskGetCurrentTaskHandle (void) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
portBASE_TYPE xTaskGetSchedulerState (void) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
portTickType xTaskGetTickCount (void) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
portTickType xTaskGetTickCountFromISR (void) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
signed portBASE_TYPE xTaskIsTaskSuspended (xTaskHandle xTask) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
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signed portBASE_TYPE xTaskRemoveFromEventList (const xList *const pxEventList) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
signed portBASE_TYPE xTaskResumeAll (void) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION
portBASE_TYPE xTaskResumeFromISR (xTaskHandle pxTaskToResume) PRIVILEGED_FUNCTION

#define taskSCHEDULER_RUNNING   1
#define tskKERNEL_VERSION_NUMBER   "V7.0.0"
#define xTaskCreateRestricted (   x,
)    xTaskGenericCreate( ((x)->pvTaskCode), ((x)->pcName), ((x)->usStackDepth), ((x)->pvParameters), ((x)->uxPriority), (pxCreatedTask), ((x)->puxStackBuffer), ((x)->xRegions) )

typedef struct xMEMORY_REGION xMemoryRegion
typedef void* xTaskHandle
typedef struct xTIME_OUT xTimeOutType

unsigned long ulTaskEndTrace ( void  )
unsigned portBASE_TYPE uxTaskGetNumberOfTasks ( void  )
unsigned portBASE_TYPE uxTaskGetStackHighWaterMark ( xTaskHandle  xTask)


unsigned portBASE_TYPE uxTaskGetStackHighWaterMark( xTaskHandle xTask );

INCLUDE_uxTaskGetStackHighWaterMark must be set to 1 in FreeRTOSConfig.h for this function to be available.

Returns the high water mark of the stack associated with xTask. That is, the minimum free stack space there has been (in words, so on a 32 bit machine a value of 1 means 4 bytes) since the task started. The smaller the returned number the closer the task has come to overflowing its stack.

xTaskHandle of the task associated with the stack to be checked. Set xTask to NULL to check the stack of the calling task.
The smallest amount of free stack space there has been (in bytes) since the task referenced by xTask was created.
unsigned portBASE_TYPE uxTaskPriorityGet ( xTaskHandle  pxTask)
void vTaskAllocateMPURegions ( xTaskHandle  xTask,
const xMemoryRegion *const  pxRegions 
void vTaskCleanUpResources ( void  )
void vTaskDelayUntil ( portTickType *const  pxPreviousWakeTime,
portTickType  xTimeIncrement 

Referenced by portTASK_FUNCTION().

void vTaskDelete ( xTaskHandle  pxTaskToDelete)

Referenced by portTASK_FUNCTION(), and vErrorChecks().

void vTaskEndScheduler ( void  )
void vTaskGetRunTimeStats ( signed char *  pcWriteBuffer)
void vTaskList ( signed char *  pcWriteBuffer)
void vTaskMissedYield ( void  )

References pdTRUE, and xMissedYield.

Referenced by prvUnlockQueue().

void vTaskPlaceOnEventListRestricted ( const xList *const  pxEventList,
portTickType  xTicksToWait 
void vTaskPriorityDisinherit ( xTaskHandle *const  pxMutexHolder)

Referenced by prvCopyDataToQueue().

void vTaskPriorityInherit ( xTaskHandle *const  pxMutexHolder)

Referenced by xQueueGenericReceive().

void vTaskPrioritySet ( xTaskHandle  pxTask,
unsigned portBASE_TYPE  uxNewPriority 
void vTaskStartTrace ( signed char *  pcBuffer,
unsigned long  ulBufferSize 
portBASE_TYPE xTaskCallApplicationTaskHook ( xTaskHandle  xTask,
void *  pvParameter 


portBASE_TYPE xTaskCallApplicationTaskHook( xTaskHandle xTask, pdTASK_HOOK_CODE pxHookFunction );

Calls the hook function associated with xTask. Passing xTask as NULL has the effect of calling the Running tasks (the calling task) hook function.

pvParameter is passed to the hook function for the task to interpret as it wants.

portBASE_TYPE xTaskCheckForTimeOut ( xTimeOutType *const  pxTimeOut,
portTickType *const  pxTicksToWait 
signed portBASE_TYPE xTaskGenericCreate ( pdTASK_CODE  pxTaskCode,
const signed char *const  pcName,
unsigned short  usStackDepth,
void *  pvParameters,
unsigned portBASE_TYPE  uxPriority,
xTaskHandle pxCreatedTask,
portSTACK_TYPE *  puxStackBuffer,
const xMemoryRegion *const  xRegions 
xTaskHandle xTaskGetCurrentTaskHandle ( void  )

Referenced by xQueueGenericReceive().

portBASE_TYPE xTaskGetSchedulerState ( void  )
portTickType xTaskGetTickCountFromISR ( void  )
signed portBASE_TYPE xTaskIsTaskSuspended ( xTaskHandle  xTask)



signed portBASE_TYPE xTaskIsTaskSuspended( xTaskHandle xTask );

Utility task that simply returns pdTRUE if the task referenced by xTask is currently in the Suspended state, or pdFALSE if the task referenced by xTask is in any other state.

portBASE_TYPE xTaskResumeFromISR ( xTaskHandle  pxTaskToResume)