Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

trans_dsp32_twiddle_factors.h File Reference
#include "dsp.h"


Twiddle factors table
#define DSP32_N_TWIDDLE_FACTORS   1024
 This constant defines the size of the twiddle factors table we want to store in memory.
i.e.: if we want to compute a 1024-point (or less) complex FFT, we will define this constant as follow: More...
 This constant permits you to add attributes to the twiddle factors table.
It is useful if you want to store the table into another memory for example.
i.e.: More...


TWIDDLE_FACTORS_PREFIX_TAB dsp32_t dsp32_twiddle_factors []
TWIDDLE_FACTORS_PREFIX_TAB dsp32_t dsp32_twiddle_factors2 []

TWIDDLE_FACTORS_PREFIX_TAB dsp32_t dsp32_twiddle_factors[]
TWIDDLE_FACTORS_PREFIX_TAB dsp32_t dsp32_twiddle_factors2[]