Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

UnionVPtr Union Reference

Union of pointers to volatile 64-, 32-, 16- and 8-bit unsigned integers.

#include <compiler.h>

Data Fields

volatile S16s16ptr
volatile S32s32ptr
volatile S64s64ptr
volatile S8s8ptr
volatile U16u16ptr
volatile U32u32ptr
volatile U64u64ptr
volatile U8u8ptr

volatile S16* UnionVPtr::s16ptr
volatile S32* UnionVPtr::s32ptr
volatile S64* UnionVPtr::s64ptr
volatile S8* UnionVPtr::s8ptr
volatile U16* UnionVPtr::u16ptr
volatile U32* UnionVPtr::u32ptr

Referenced by flashcdw_memset64().

volatile U64* UnionVPtr::u64ptr

Referenced by flashcdw_memset64().

volatile U8* UnionVPtr::u8ptr

Referenced by flashcdw_memset64().