Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

bma_axis8_t Union Reference

Bosch 8-bit Axis Data Format.

The BMA222 stores 2's-complement 8-bit axis data samples split across two contiguous 8-bit device locations where the lower address in the device register space stores a 1-bit "new data" flag and the next higher address stores the 8 most significant bits of the axis data.

#include <bma_axis.inc.h>

Data Fields

struct {
   int16_t   acc_msb: 8
   uint16_t   new_data: 1
   uint16_t   unused: 7
int16_t word

int16_t bma_axis8_t::acc_msb

Referenced by bma_axis8_val().

struct { ... } bma_axis8_t::field

Referenced by bma_axis8_val().

uint16_t bma_axis8_t::new_data
uint16_t bma_axis8_t::unused
int16_t bma_axis8_t::word

Referenced by bma_axis8_val().