Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

wtk/example1_widgets/example1.c File Reference

Graphic Widget Toolkit library example application.

Copyright (c) 2012-2018 Microchip Technology Inc. and its subsidiaries.

#include <asf.h>
#include "touch_interface.h"
#include "widget_gui.h"
#include "atmel_logo_small.h"


int main (void)
 main example code More...
static void setup_gui_root_window (void)
 Configure the root GUI window. More...
static void show_out_of_memory_error (void)
 Show an out of memory error on the display. More...

int main ( void  )

main example code

The main function will create the widget GUI, and display the widgets to the screen. It will then enter a message loop converting touch events from the screen into touch events for the Widget Toolkit module.

References app_widget_launch(), board_init(), gfx_init, membag_init(), setup_gui_root_window(), show_out_of_memory_error(), sysclk_init(), touch_interface_init(), touch_interface_read(), win_init(), win_process_events(), and win_queue_pointer_event().

static void setup_gui_root_window ( void  )

Configure the root GUI window.

Configures the root window background to be a tiled version of the Atmel company logo, and sets it as being visible.

References atmel_logo_small, win_attributes::background, WIN_ATTR_BACKGROUND, win_get_attributes(), win_get_root(), win_root, win_set_attributes(), and win_show().

Referenced by main().

static void show_out_of_memory_error ( void  )

Show an out of memory error on the display.

Shows a full screen error when called, signaling that the system ran out of memory when initializing a WTK application.

References GFX_COLOR_BLACK, GFX_COLOR_RED, GFX_COLOR_TRANSPARENT, gfx_draw_filled_rect, gfx_draw_string_aligned(), gfx_get_height(), gfx_get_width(), gfx_set_clipping(), sysfont, TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER, and TEXT_POS_CENTER.

Referenced by main().