Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

chip_icon3.h File Reference

Chip icon 3 image for the ILI9341 display controller.

Copyright (c) 2014-2018 Microchip Technology Inc. and its subsidiaries.

#include <gfx.h>


 PROGMEM_DECLARE (gfx_color_t, chip_icon3_data[4096])


struct gfx_bitmap chip_icon3

PROGMEM_DECLARE ( gfx_color_t  ,
chip_icon3_data  [4096] 

struct gfx_bitmap chip_icon3
Initial value:
= {
.width = 64, .height = 64 , .type = GFX_BITMAP_PROGMEM,
.data.progmem = (gfx_color_t PROGMEM_PTR_T)chip_icon3_data
Definition: gfx.h:54
ili9341_color_t gfx_color_t
Data type for color values native to the display.
Definition: gfx_ili9341_sdt028atft.h:64
Definition: gfx_generic.h:66

Referenced by app_widget_launch().