Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

adcifb_opt_t Struct Reference

Parameters for initialization of the ADCIFB module

#include <adcifb.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t ratio_clkadcifb_clkadc
uint16_t resolution
uint16_t shtim
bool sleep_mode_enable
uint16_t startup
 ADC Startup time in [0,127], where Tstartup = startup * 8 * Tclk_adc. More...

uint16_t adcifb_opt_t::ratio_clkadcifb_clkadc

Ratio Fclk_adcifb/Fclk_adc = 2*i with i an integer in [1,64]

Referenced by adcifb_configure().

uint16_t adcifb_opt_t::resolution

Resolution mode

Referenced by adc_init(), adcifb_configure(), init_adc(), and main().

uint16_t adcifb_opt_t::shtim

Channels Sample & Hold Time in [0,15], where Ts&h = shtim * Tclk_adc.

Referenced by adcifb_configure().

bool adcifb_opt_t::sleep_mode_enable

ADCIFB Sleep Mode enable/disable

Referenced by adcifb_configure().

uint16_t adcifb_opt_t::startup

ADC Startup time in [0,127], where Tstartup = startup * 8 * Tclk_adc.

Referenced by adcifb_configure().