Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

thirdparty/freertos/demo/avr32_uc3_example/serial/serial.c File Reference
#include <avr32/io.h>
#include "board.h"
#include "gpio.h"
#include "usart.h"
#include "FreeRTOS.h"
#include "queue.h"
#include "task.h"
#include "serial.h"
#include "conf_example.h"


#define serHANDLE   ( ( xComPortHandle ) 1 )
#define serINVALID_COMPORT_HANDLER   ( ( xComPortHandle ) 0 )
#define serINVALID_QUEUE   ( ( xQueueHandle ) 0 )
#define serNO_BLOCK   ( ( portTickType ) 0 )


static portBASE_TYPE prvUSART_ISR_NonNakedBehaviour (void)
static void vprvSerialCreateQueues (unsigned portBASE_TYPE uxQueueLength, xQueueHandle *pxRxedChars, xQueueHandle *pxCharsForTx)
void vSerialClose (xComPortHandle xPort)
void vSerialPutString (xComPortHandle pxPort, const signed portCHAR *const pcString, unsigned portSHORT usStringLength)
static void vUSART_ISR (void)
signed portBASE_TYPE xSerialGetChar (xComPortHandle pxPort, signed portCHAR *pcRxedChar, portTickType xBlockTime)
xComPortHandle xSerialPortInitMinimal (unsigned portLONG ulWantedBaud, unsigned portBASE_TYPE uxQueueLength)
signed portBASE_TYPE xSerialPutChar (xComPortHandle pxPort, signed portCHAR cOutChar, portTickType xBlockTime)


static xQueueHandle xCharsForTx
static xQueueHandle xRxedChars

#define serHANDLE   ( ( xComPortHandle ) 1 )

Referenced by xSerialPortInitMinimal().

#define serINVALID_COMPORT_HANDLER   ( ( xComPortHandle ) 0 )

Referenced by xSerialPortInitMinimal().

#define serINVALID_QUEUE   ( ( xQueueHandle ) 0 )

Referenced by xSerialPortInitMinimal().

#define serNO_BLOCK   ( ( portTickType ) 0 )

Referenced by vSerialPutString().

static portBASE_TYPE prvUSART_ISR_NonNakedBehaviour ( void  )
static void vprvSerialCreateQueues ( unsigned portBASE_TYPE  uxQueueLength,
xQueueHandle pxRxedChars,
xQueueHandle pxCharsForTx 
void vSerialClose ( xComPortHandle  xPort)
void vSerialPutString ( xComPortHandle  pxPort,
const signed portCHAR *const  pcString,
unsigned portSHORT  usStringLength 

References serNO_BLOCK, and xSerialPutChar().

static void vUSART_ISR ( void  )
signed portBASE_TYPE xSerialGetChar ( xComPortHandle  pxPort,
signed portCHAR *  pcRxedChar,
portTickType  xBlockTime 

References pdFALSE, pdTRUE, and xQueueReceive.

Referenced by portTASK_FUNCTION().

signed portBASE_TYPE xSerialPutChar ( xComPortHandle  pxPort,
signed portCHAR  cOutChar,
portTickType  xBlockTime 

References pdFAIL, pdPASS, and xQueueSend.

Referenced by portTASK_FUNCTION(), and vSerialPutString().

xQueueHandle xCharsForTx

Referenced by vprvSerialCreateQueues().

xQueueHandle xRxedChars

Referenced by vprvSerialCreateQueues().