Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

sensor_data_t Struct Reference

Sensor Data Descriptor.

#include <sensor.h>

Data Fields

union {
   struct {
      int32_t   pitch
 Pitch-axis value. More...
      int32_t   roll
 Roll-axis value. More...
      int32_t   yaw
 Yaw-axis value. More...
   }   angle
   struct {
      int32_t   x
 x-axis value More...
      int32_t   y
 y-axis value More...
      int32_t   z
 z-axis value More...
   }   axis
   struct {
      uint32_t   id
 Device ID. More...
      uint32_t   unused
 Unused (spare) field. More...
      uint32_t   version
 Version. More...
   }   device
   struct {
      int32_t   direction
 Heading relative to magnetic north. More...
      int32_t   inclination
 Inclination above/below horizontal. More...
      int32_t   strength
 Net magnetic field intensity. More...
   }   heading
   struct {
      int32_t   unused [2]
 Unused (spare) fields. More...
      int32_t   value
 Light value. More...
   }   light
   struct {
      int32_t   unused [2]
 Unused (spare) fields. More...
      int32_t   value
 Pressure value. More...
   }   pressure
   struct {
      int32_t   value [3]
 Proximity values (3) More...
   }   proximity
   struct {
      int32_t   axis
 Tap detection axis (X,Y,Z) More...
      int32_t   count
 Tap count. More...
      int32_t   direction
 Tap direction. More...
   }   tap
   struct {
      int32_t   unused [2]
 Unused (spare) fields. More...
      int32_t   value
 Temperature value. More...
   }   temperature
   int32_t   value [3]
 Generic data name. More...
bool scaled
 Data sample format (true => scaled) More...
uint32_t timestamp
 Data sample timestamp. More...

union { ... }
struct { ... } sensor_data_t::angle
int32_t sensor_data_t::axis

Tap detection axis (X,Y,Z)

int32_t sensor_data_t::count

Tap count.

int32_t sensor_data_t::direction

Heading relative to magnetic north.

Tap direction.

struct { ... } sensor_data_t::heading
uint32_t sensor_data_t::id

Device ID.

int32_t sensor_data_t::inclination

Inclination above/below horizontal.

struct { ... } sensor_data_t::light
int32_t sensor_data_t::pitch

Pitch-axis value.

struct { ... } sensor_data_t::pressure

Referenced by bmp_get_pressure(), and main().

struct { ... } sensor_data_t::proximity
int32_t sensor_data_t::roll

Roll-axis value.

int32_t sensor_data_t::strength

Net magnetic field intensity.

struct { ... } sensor_data_t::tap

Referenced by kxtf9_isr().

uint32_t sensor_data_t::timestamp
int32_t sensor_data_t::unused[2]

Unused (spare) fields.

uint32_t sensor_data_t::unused

Unused (spare) field.

int32_t sensor_data_t::value[3]

Generic data name.

Proximity values (3)

Light value.

Temperature value.

Pressure value.

Referenced by kxtf9_isr(), and sensor_get_angle().

uint32_t sensor_data_t::version


int32_t sensor_data_t::x

x-axis value

int32_t sensor_data_t::y

y-axis value

int32_t sensor_data_t::yaw

Yaw-axis value.

int32_t sensor_data_t::z

z-axis value