Microchip® Advanced Software Framework

qdebug.c File Reference
#include "qdebug.h"
#include "qdebugtransport.h"
#include "QDebugSettings.h"
#include "compiler.h"


void QDebug_Init (void)
void QDebug_ProcessCommands (void)
void QDebug_SendData (uint16_t qt_lib_flags)
void QDebug_SetSubscriptions (uint16_t once, uint16_t change, uint16_t allways)
void Set_Channel_Config (void)
void Set_Global_Config (void)
void Set_Measurement_Period (void)
void Set_QT_User_Data (uint8_t *pdata)
void Set_Subscriptions (void)
void Transmit_Delta (void)
void Transmit_Dummy (void)
void Transmit_Global_Config (void)
void Transmit_QT_User_Data (uint8_t *pdata, uint16_t c)
void Transmit_Ref (void)
void Transmit_Sensor_Config (void)
void Transmit_Sign_On (void)
void Transmit_Signals (void)
void Transmit_State (void)
void Transmit_Time_Stamps (void)


volatile int8_t autonomous_qtouch_in_touch
 Flag set by touch_at_status_change_interrupt_callback() function when a fresh touch status is available. More...
static uint16_t delivery = 0
uint16_t measurement_period_ms
 Touch Measurement period in milliseconds. More...
static uint16_t qgLibraryChanges = 0
uint8_t qgRefschanged
uint8_t qgStateschanged
static uint16_t qgSubsAllways = 0
static uint16_t qgSubsChange = 0
static uint16_t qgSubsOnce = 0
uint16_t timestamp1_hword
uint16_t timestamp1_lword
uint16_t timestamp2_hword
uint16_t timestamp2_lword
uint16_t timestamp3_hword
uint16_t timestamp3_lword
touch_config_t touch_config
 Touch Library input configuration structure. More...

void QDebug_Init ( void  )
void QDebug_SetSubscriptions ( uint16_t  once,
uint16_t  change,
uint16_t  allways 

References qgSubsAllways, qgSubsChange, and qgSubsOnce.

Referenced by Set_Subscriptions().

void Set_Measurement_Period ( void  )

Referenced by QDebug_ProcessCommands().

void Set_QT_User_Data ( uint8_t *  pdata)

References PutChar(), RX_Buffer, and Send_Message().

void Set_Subscriptions ( void  )

References a(), b, c, GetChar(), and QDebug_SetSubscriptions().

Referenced by QDebug_ProcessCommands().

void Transmit_Delta ( void  )

References c, PutChar(), QT_DELTAS, Send_Message(), and UNUSED.

Referenced by QDebug_SendData().

void Transmit_Dummy ( void  )

References PutChar(), QT_DUMMY, and Send_Message().

Referenced by QDebug_SendData().

void Transmit_QT_User_Data ( uint8_t *  pdata,
uint16_t  c 

References PutChar(), and Send_Message().

void Transmit_Ref ( void  )

References c, PutChar(), QT_REFERENCES, and Send_Message().

Referenced by QDebug_SendData().

void Transmit_Sensor_Config ( void  )
void Transmit_Sign_On ( void  )
void Transmit_Signals ( void  )

References c, PutChar(), QT_SIGNALS, and Send_Message().

Referenced by QDebug_SendData().

void Transmit_State ( void  )

volatile int8_t autonomous_qtouch_in_touch
uint16_t delivery = 0
uint16_t measurement_period_ms

Touch Measurement period in milliseconds.

This variable determines how often a new touch measurement must be done. Default value: Every 25 milliseconds.

Touch Measurement period in milliseconds.

Touch Measurement period in milliseconds.

Needs to be global since it is required for the QDebug module.

Referenced by ISR(), tc_irq(), and Transmit_Global_Config().

uint16_t qgLibraryChanges = 0

Referenced by QDebug_SendData().

uint8_t qgRefschanged
uint8_t qgStateschanged
uint16_t qgSubsAllways = 0
uint16_t qgSubsChange = 0
uint16_t qgSubsOnce = 0
uint16_t timestamp1_hword

Referenced by Transmit_Time_Stamps().

uint16_t timestamp1_lword

Referenced by Transmit_Time_Stamps().

uint16_t timestamp2_hword

Referenced by Transmit_Time_Stamps().

uint16_t timestamp2_lword

Referenced by Transmit_Time_Stamps().

uint16_t timestamp3_hword

Referenced by Transmit_Time_Stamps().

uint16_t timestamp3_lword

Referenced by Transmit_Time_Stamps().

touch_config_t touch_config

Touch Library input configuration structure.